Friday, September 30, 2005
  The Brothers Bennett

Rare is the day when both Bennett brothers are in trouble at the same time.

Bill Bennett makes a mess of an otherwise valid point in his radio show, suggesting (as some take it) that aborting more black babies would bring crime down, trying to make the point that such comparisons and linkages are easy to make but don't change the wrongness of abortion, yet he inadvertently associates blacks with crime in his extemporaneous analogy. Those offended are, of course, forgetting (if they even know) that Planned Parenthood's revered queen mother, Margaret Sanger, was herself a pro-genocidal racist.

And then there's Bob Bennett, esteemed top lawyer to Beltway Democrats, who so successfully protected Bill Clinton from scandal with an affidavit stated in the present tense. Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy wonders why Bob Bennett let his client, Judith Miller, sit in jail for three months while the matter of Scooter Libby's sincerity is resolved, if that's really the whole story. It seems the widespread doubt is bipartisan.

I don't think they're indecent men. I am glad they're both private citizens and we won't have an extended media focus on either of them.
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
  DeLay Tactics

So Tom DeLay was indicted today for criminal conspiracy under Texas campaign law. I am honestly not heartbroken; he's stepping aside as majority leader, the right thing to do, and he'll have his day in court.

I hope his replacement can find more fat to trim from the federal budget because the rest of us know there's plenty. Hopefully this only helps add momentum to the "Porkbusters" movement.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I guess the nuclear accord with North Korea isn't a done deal yet. Still, I maintain the contrast is wide between the 1994 press coverage and the priority given the current story by the media. I guess also the communists haven't tired of poverty and starvation yet, though I'm sure nobody in the regime has gone hungry lately.
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
  Local Music Makes CNN

CNN has a new story on the Athens music scene.
Monday, September 19, 2005
  North Korea Breakthrough

The six-way talks have yielded the agreement everyone was supposedly hoping for, a major diplomatic victory for the Bush administration. I've noticed that network coverage of this story has been downplayed, apparently by design. Shouldn't it be the top story? Or is it, in media eyes, one less failure to leverage against the administration?
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

While the Athens, Georgia area is basically where I'm from, I actually live in Oglethorpe County, which is adjacent to Clarke County on the east. Our county has made national news because someone from the Georgia ACLU noticed a tapestry of the 23rd Psalm hanging in the courthouse.

I can tell you that from the way it was hung, someone (just like an ACLU activist lawyer) would have to really be looking for something to even notice it, and it wasn't really aimed at the public anyway, so much as an inspirational decoration for office staff. Still, Commission Chairman Robert Johnson was right about the expense and uselessness of a lawsuit.

Can you remember the last time the ACLU stood up for real and flagrant abuses of constitutional power? There are several issues in Athens that I think deserve scrutiny along basic constitutional lines. We have the two-unrelated-roommate ordinance, the 2:45 am bar curfew, a recent anti-cruising measure for downtown and an open container ordinance that is not enforced on certain occasions, namely game days. I don't think it takes a lawyer to recognize how those examples violate freedom of assembly, equal protection, etc. And that was before the video surveillance cameras were recently installed. Incidentally, the consolidated government of Athens-Clarke County is ruled by leftists, supposed liberals. Obviously the ACLU doesn't concern itself with each and every civil liberty.
Jon Lester at large. Multimedia artist, musician, retrogamer, free thinker and pop music fan from Athens, Georgia.

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