Friday, May 21, 2004

Washingtonienne Mystery

Earlier this morning when we were done with work and almost ready to go home, CNN was on briefly and I saw images of a blog called Washingtonienne and then images of the old familiar Blogger front page, so when I got home I remembered and simply typed in washingtonienne.blogspot.com and found what looked like a new blog with only two entries. Then I went to the CNN site and found the story had completely disappeared from their archives, so I searched keyword "washingtonienne" on the web at large and found our friend Taegan Goddard's post on the subject at number one in the search results. Then I read and found the original scandalous blog was shut down and summarily reconstructed from Google caches. Finally, I followed Taegan's link to find washingtonienne.com has already been bought and secured by MoveOn.org. This is all very interesting, but why exactly has CNN deleted all reference to it after only a couple of hours?

Cultural Attrition

If you believe the subversion of authoritarian Arab culture is helpful towards its modernization then you might not feel entirely bothered to find a popular Arab singer has admitted to starring in a few American pornographic productions. Surely American liberals can appreciate how this "forces a dialogue" in Arab society, much as all the Norman Lear television shows did for our own culture.

Of Those Who Guide the Best and the Brightest

One of Georgia's most exclusive universities has produced this very nearly buried incident of intolerance. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit for the link and to Vodka Pundit for the initial post.

Can it be?

Tonight I happened to catch this on the most-recently-posted list on the Blogger homepage: a blog purporting to be the fabled return of Andy Kaufman. Without knowing better for a fact, I have no reason to doubt its plausibility.
Monday, May 17, 2004

CD Rot

Compact discs are in fact not indestructible and it's finally being admitted in the press. I'm reminded of a time almost 10 years ago when Gary Numan was helping fans replace their bronzing copies of "Isolate: The Numa Years," which had the bad lacquer on its label, apparently. I don't remember the company that did it or what their exact process was but hopefully this will be made known to the public as the problem spreads.

More Proof

People ignored the chemical attack plot foiled in Jordan recently and now they're trying to play down this most recent evidence of WMD, an IED with sarin nerve gas. It may well be that this was an overlooked shell but anyone who insists that "there are no WMD's in Iraq" is a liar.

They Knew

I wonder if it's entirely accidental that the Abu Ghraib story was held down until after the Pennsylvania primary vote? We know Jay Rockefeller would play politics with national security matters but this sure is something Pennsylvania Republicans should have known about Arlen Specter when they still had a choice.

Mike's Fat Wreck

The long-awaited Rock Against Bush compilation is out and appears to be everything we expected, earning this thoughtful trashing from the American Spectator. Readers of the Conservative Punk web site will remember the Propagandhi episode, when Fat Mike found out that band has principled disrespect for George Soros, benefactor of this comp and every other possible waste of money for the cause of getting President Bush out of office.

See Through to November?

In an apparent attempt to pander to the Air America types and French elitists, Alexandra Kerry wears this for everyone to see, apparently without considering the impact it may have on those Democrat voters who are less likely to appreciate this kind of sleaze. The potential subtraction of these voters will kill any chance John Kerry may have of getting anything like a majority vote. Personally, my only problem with Alexandra's attire is the sad fact that she still has her father's face.


Last week Maria Bartiromo closed her chapter in NYSE and broadcast history, reporting from the floor for the last time as her new contract takes effect. Traders and investors will no doubt have a period of adjustment but they should fear not; CNBC still has the best crew on TV. Maria still has her afternoon and Monday night shows and may do more for NBC proper. She was at the newsdesk for the Today show one day last week, which makes me hope Ann Curry isn't going anywhere.

The Indian Upset

This commentary from Slate touches on some of the same thoughts I've had regarding the elections in India. It may well be a good thing that Hindu nationalism is out, for the benefit of India's Muslim population and relations with Pakistan (even though Vajpayee was making progress there), but the Gandhis are communists and the economic future of India could be in doubt. Will outsourcing still be a US election issue?
Thursday, May 13, 2004

Continued Progress

It's not all said and done but in the latest stage of Libya's rehabilitation, it has agreed to stop military trade with Iran, North Korea and Syria, even as the new sanctions against Syria take effect. Arab nations will now have two more examples to compare and contrast, two possible futures to choose from, one growing and prospering as a result of reforms and one languishing in increasing isolation for its own choices.
Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A Simple Test

This commentary articulates the whole truth about those anti-globalism protesters, such as we can expect to have for the G-8 summit at Sea Island, Georgia this summer. If you meet any people like this, just ask them what exactly they're protesting, what better ideas they have and how efforts to include poor countries in global trade is hurting them. If you're in the area at the time of the summit, look for SUV's and other evidence of affluence from the protesters.

Ted's Gall

Disrespecting the life of Pat Tillman is but the latest episode in the rapidly deteriorating repertoire of cartoonist Ted Rall. Here MSNBC catches itself from its normally unsupervised syndication process and here is an industry source reporting the same story. I wonder if our own Flagpole magazine, which syndicates Rall's cartoon and column both, will uphold the same standards as MSNBC? Meanwhile, Feddie at Southern Appeal has demonstrated how little Rall actually has to do for a living.
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