Sunday, August 31, 2003

Will They Run a Yellow Dog?

Just when you thought there was some truth to the hype around Howard Dean and the other Democratic candidates racing to keep up, here's news that many people haven't been listening or even know who the candidates are. Are they waiting until the election so they can blindly vote for whoever has the 'D' by their name? You might remember the old saying that someone would vote for a yellow dog if it was the Democrat in the race, and one wonders what difference it will really make.
Friday, August 29, 2003

Blogging Goes Mainstream

You know something's catching on when AOL decides to get in on it. Last week AOL introduced its "Journals", as its blog service is called, and just now I've begun to try it myself. I'm not sure I'll give it as much attention as these here at Blogspot but I wanted to at least try it.

The Future of Free Trade

Atlanta may yet have a greater and more permanent legacy as an international city. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue has appointed Jose Ignacio Gonzalez to lobby for placing the headquarters of the secretariat of the long-promised Free Trade Area of the Americas in Atlanta. Gonzalez, a native of Colombia, will head the non-profit Hemisphere, Inc.
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

You Report, I'll Decide

Count me as one of those conservatives who prefers CNN over Fox News Channel. I still think Al Franken is an elitist and dead wrong about most things, but he certainly does have more civility than Bill O'Reilly ever has. CNN has actually improved in the last six months, even as it's lost viewers. The style and substance of FNC are no better, the people are no more articulate and they seem to promote a culture of shallowness and vanity which I find most unbecoming of conservative ideals. Check out what this surgically-altered talking head has to say. I'll agree that "Crossfire" should still be a whole hour in prime time but I find very little else in the story to convince me that integrity was ever first and foremost on Greta's mind when she took the job at FNC.

12th District Challengers Emerge

Two Athens personalities familiar to local politics have announced their candidacies for the Georgia 12th District seat currently held by Max Burns.

John Barrow is a lawyer currently serving on the Athens/Clarke County Commission and once proposed a ban on using cell phones while driving an automobile, when that was first an issue in communities around the nation. While nominally a liberal, Barrow is a lawyer first and isn't quite held in the highest regard by otherwise like-minded local residents.

Dennis Haines served one term in the Georgia Senate and is most appreciated for finally retiring octogenarian incumbent Paul Broun in the 2000 election.

While their announcements are really not news, we're coming up on the time when everybody hears more and more from all the candidates going into the next election year. I'm sure both of these gentlemen are pleased to be receiving national attention.

Georgia voters will remember the surprise upset by Burns of Democrat legacy "Champ" Walker, son of former state Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker, who is currently under investgation and may be in even deeper trouble than anyone realizes.
Monday, August 25, 2003

Citizen Coleman

California gubernatorial hopeful Gary Coleman may finally be getting his fair share of publicity and consideration as the recall election draws nearer, as this examination attests, with more help in no small measure from this prognostication. Why not? This is California we're talking about; anything can happen...
Sunday, August 24, 2003

Al Franken, Paragon of Virtue?

Look who's been caught lying. Remember this when you see Al Franken guest-hosting on CNN's "Crossfire" Monday and Tuesday.

The Growing Influence of Bloggers

Will Vehrs and Tony Adragna are making news again, mentioned in this front page article. People in state government are actually following blogs, which clearly takes some time and effort and shows how seriously they take bloggers on par with traditional media.

Johnny Cash Perseveres

Johnny Cash will try to make it to the MTV VMAs this week and hopefully his doctors will let him. It's encouraging that he's still working and trying to stay busy in light of losing June in recent months and dealing with his own health issues.
Friday, August 22, 2003

Daft Wesley Clark

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark may yet become a candidate for president but his views won't be heard by Lou Dobbs on TV anymore.
Thursday, August 21, 2003

So Who All's Running in California?

Mark Kilmer again provides a link I'm passing along, a complete list of all 135 candidates for governor of California. Note the one guy who withdrew because he's a suspect in a 1996 Atlanta homicide.
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Bust a Move

Mark Kilmer passes on what may be the beginning of the end for the Cruz Bustamante campaign, in highlights from a speech promising to raise taxes substantially. They wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger to start getting specific (which he has) and now Democrats may wish they didn't have to. Maybe Bustamante should adapt Young MC's "Bust a Move" into a campaign theme and apply the theory that people dance to the music and not the lyrics, necessarily.

Weeklong Train Wreck

All this week on CNN's "Crossfire" the special guest co-host, apparently substituting for vacationing or otherwise unavailable Paul Begala and James Carville, is actress-activist Janeane Garafolo, who has now bleached her hair, lost her glasses and made a point to sport that rather amorphous looking tatoo on her upper right arm. Net result: she looks and sounds worse than ever, and how she articulates her DOA politics makes this a weeklong train wreck visible to anyone with the time and the desire to rubberneck. Tucker Carlson is holding his own just fine.
Tuesday, August 19, 2003


This is a neat site by someone close to my age trying to raise his children and stay hip with the gaming, too, but realizes as many of us do that the older games will always be more fun and fondly remembered. Today he remembers the classic 1980 game Berzerk.
Monday, August 18, 2003

Alcohol Hits Sesame Street

Here's a funny post from Gail's Balcony, my favorite of all the blogs I've discovered through the recently-published list on Blogger's main page. Gail's really pretty, too.

Dean Spams His Plans for Everyone

Taegan Goddard passes on this story, also reported by CNET and Spamvertised, that Howard Dean's campaign "acknowledges it sent out unsolicited political e-mail messages, a black mark for a campaign praised for its tech savvy," which I find consistent with the common liberal Democrat idea that an enlightened few should make plans for everybody else. Can a Five Year Plan be next?

Like a Rainbow in the Dark

Thanks to brainylady for this link. Seems Dio can't stand seeing his precious devil horns hand sign creation abused by so many millions.

Atari Adventure in Flash

Just like the original, here's a Flash recreation of the Atari 2600 game Adventure. Thanks to Pete who posted this in the comments box for the Atari 2600 poem on the SUPER fast COMPUTER blog.

Net Radio Comeback?

Remember when RealAudio was new and there were so many fun sites with basic streaming audio "radio" shows? Seems there was something of a gap between the promise of those beginnings and what actually happened. Now that broadband is finally picking up subscribers (but not reaching me yet), net radio is finally delivering on its promise.
Sunday, August 17, 2003

Brand New Video Game Console

Infinium Labs introduces the Phantom console, which seems to be ready to go and has kind of come out of nowhere compared to all the hype we always had for the PS series, Gamecube, Xbox, etc. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

I don't know if it's possible to see the tape at this point but Friday morning on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" there were two guys representing blogging in general and Shouting 'Cross the Potomac in particular. It's a good blog, too, and the segment did justice to blogging in general...

Food for Thought and Eating It, Too

While America watched and wondered during the blackout, a rather interesting evening was unfolding at the club. Preceding the show headlined by Helios Creed was a launch party for the new Athens alternative paper The Athens Weekly News, launched by former Flagpole "political editor" Brad Aaron and longtime citizen Tony Eubanks. The new publication, a single 11"x17" yellowish sheet folded and printed on four panels, has a cover price of $1, but for tonight the premiere issue's copies had a red "free copy" stamp printed on them, to promote to the public.

The online edition is expanded beyond the modest inaugural print copy in that it has this very good op-ed piece from the local GOP guy about the silent but threatening trend of rental registration, recently outlawed by the state of Georgia to no deterrence of the Athens/Clarke County commission, which even now attempts to change a few words and blatantly defy state law, feeding a process that can only lead to greater oppression of property owners and struggling renters alike.

Anyway, it was nice to see the excitement and hope of a new enterprise celebrated by its supporters. The event was catered by Uncle Ernie's Clayton Street Deli on Broad (I am not kidding), which brought a large number of cold meat and cheese sandwiches made with whole wheat bread, about 30 of which were left over at the end of the night and became mine own inheritance.

I thought it neat that all this free food should become mine, as I have very little politically in common with affluent suburban liberals, but such is life in Athens and an example of why disagreement should never get in the way of fellowship...

Blog fever has led this newbie to a second blog in mere days. Announcing Distaster, a news service for my music and the production company of the same name. I should have done this much sooner...
Monday, August 11, 2003

And for the Otrona, an early 80's portable computer that had both an 8-bit Z-80 processor and a 16-bit 8086 so it could run both DOS and CP/M programs. This one was very popular with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and now there's nothing left of the company. I think they were based out of Colorado but I'm not sure...

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Yahoo will take away my groups if I don't get some activity there. The ones I have started are Otrona and Channel F which are named for their respective machines of interest. I know the Channel F isn't remembered for being the best but it was the first programmable video game system, predating the Atari 2600 by a number of months, and I'm curious if anyone knows how to hack or program for one. Anyway, if you're curious, here's how you can help:

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A shame about Gregory Hines. I'll always remember my favorite performance he gave as an actor, the story "The Amazing Falsworth" in the Spielberg series "Amazing Stories" in the 80's.

Speaking of the 80's, you might all like to know I'm a retrogaming and retrocomputing hobbyist and an emulation fan. Emulation is getting out of control lately, so check out these sites below to see how ridiculous it's getting. I think it's great.

Classic Gaming
Digital Press
VG Network

Maybe in the next post I'll feel like writing something longer and more coherent. It's always late when I really get my best online time.

Friday, August 08, 2003

The modest beginning is now.

This is the all new Lester Blog. At this time I am an Athens, GA clubworker and artist at the beginnings of some new projects and a new direction. It's late so let's expand on that later.

Jon Lester at large. Multimedia artist, musician, retrogamer, free thinker and pop music fan from Athens, Georgia.

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